Family Therapy Benefits in Treating Drug Addiction

The family dynamics have really changed greatly over the last several years which impact the way that you view life and the behaviors and the roles that you take on. The modern family unit can include the unmarried cohabiting couples and the children, single-parent families and several others. Regardless of the way that the family unit changes, you have to understand that family therapy is still quite an important and beneficial component when it comes to treating substance abuse. What you must also know is that research has also discovered that the behavioral health treatment that involves family therapy works much better as compared to such treatment which doesn’t and if this is combined with that individual treatment, then this can reduce the rates of relapse and would improve the medication compliance and helps to reduce the psychiatric symptoms and also relieve stress.

You need to keep in mind that addiction is actually a family disease. You have to know that the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence refers to addiction as a kind of family disease. This is because of the fact that addiction can surely affect the whole family system as well as those that are also involved in it. The addiction would put the family members under such great deal of stress and this can also affect the routines and cause such unsettling or frightening experience too.

Because of this, the family members would develop unhealthy coping strategies while they try to maintain balance in the household. The family unit would also become fragile and also a dysfunctional as a system and this would often contribute to the addiction as the family would be adopting the destructive behaviors as the outcome of such.

Another important thing that you should see is that the children are affected by such addiction. Know that such substance abuse in the home can interrupt with the normal development of the child and would lead to a greater risk for physical, emotional and mental health issues. The children of those parents who are drug addicts may have difficulties in their school and they can also have such learning disability too and can be expelled or skip school. Moreover, they are also four times more likely to get addicted to alcohol or drugs.

The effects of such substance abuse can actually vary according to the family structure but the abusing behaviors can surely take a toll on the family dynamics in a number of ways which are not healthy. You may notice the negative emotions. Because of such substance abuse, family members may get to experience anger, guilt, anxiety, concern, resentment and embarrassment.

Moreover, the safety of the family members may be at risk due to the substance abuse of the person. Children or spouses may also feel the need to have legal protection due to fear.

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